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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 ' 10:46 PM my story♥
FNN (:

Wow.. it has been super long ever since I blogged.

Its O levels this year and I got tons and tons of hmwk. Just last Friday, Awards Day, I volunteered to give out the prizes. Awards Day was to end at 7pm, we were to go home at 6pm, but they said FREE food.

Beside me is Yan Ping and Lian Ling. LL is shocked that I am typing about her.

Fnn's over. GTG bye.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010 ' 10:38 PM my story♥


Special greetings to my Malay and Muslim friends and Selamat Hari Raya Haji ! My cousins are in my house now. My aunty and uncle will be visiting later . Just changed out of my traditional costumes. Feel so bored. Don't feel like doing homework again . I think I will start on a homework or two in a few hours .

I went to the mosque beside my house to see the goats getting cut. My 1065 was there, right in front of me again. A few minutes later it was being taken away for cutting. It kept on looking at me. But, nvm, I shall wait for another 1065 next year (:

I think I am going to have a sweet tooth coz I m seriously eating loads of sweets now. I m trying to stop, though, "trying". I m currently into this game in friendster, Lady Popular. Its exactly like the Sims but just that this is more.. like.. nicer. I m not addicted to this game , just, like it. Its getting boring. If it gets too boring or takes up much of my time I think I will quit it.

Currently, eagerly waiting for my work attachment to NUH next week. We will be attached to the children ward. It is only for two hours. Cant wait to go there.

Okay, gtg now. See you soon!


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Monday, November 15, 2010 ' 11:27 PM my story♥


Its Hari Raya Haji tmr! Wish all Malay and Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Haji! I went to Masjid Hasanah, which is right beside my house, to see all the goats. I took pictures of all the goats looking out of the fence, but this particular goat, with the number 1065, which is etched to my mind, was the only goat staring at me the whole while . I kept touching its fur and it didnt move away like the other goats. I told my siblings that I will be there to witness the death of it tmr. Then my sister was shaking her head . Coz last year I cried like hell after I saw it being cut. Nvm, I shall go for it tmr, maybe. I will visit the goat area again after my morning prayers tmr .

Its raining now and I cant do anything except thinking about 1065.
Dont feel like doing hmwk. And glad that I have done my part for the CCA openhouse. Hope we attract more students to join our club this year. I likes my CCA and don't want it to be closed down, seriously.

Okays, I will tell you guys more about the celebration tmr!


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' 6:12 AM my story♥

heys (:

It's boring that school has ended and there's nothing to do! Although I don't wanna do homework~ It is just the third day of holiday. I chatted the whole day with lian ling! That's all. Nothing much for today.

TTYL. Byes!~


Friday, November 12, 2010 ' 10:15 PM my story♥


Updating my blog after a long time.

Promoted to S4 Exp. Wasn't that hard actually.
'O' levels next year! Omg, the thought of it. Actually it is just an exam. If you study hard, you're save. Although at the back of my mind, I wonder why people worry about it, on the other hand, it is an exam that's gonna determine your life!

Hmm.. gotta start revision early.
Mr Singh, my English teacher, is leaving my school and we are gonna have a new EL teacher next year! OMG. Wonder how we are all gonna survive our English next year. English is not that hard. Compre's the killer.

Not much homework compared to the previous years, but there's homework. 6 thick Math WS, the most. Gotta go and prepare for my CCA's open house.


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Sunday, May 30, 2010 ' 3:44 AM my story♥
lecture time (:

hello geeks :]
When we're bored , it sure seems ages. Seems like 2 years just passed. Anws, going NUS tmr. Me and Emelia were chosen for the to go to the faculty of Math and Science. I was telling my frens the directions when Ms Su, my Math teacher, sms-ed me. She asked me and Emelia to meet near the taxi stand at Lot 1 tmr . Nothing to talk about actually . Just relaxing . Talk tmr.

bye [:


Thursday, May 27, 2010 ' 11:55 PM my story♥

hello people .

Its the first day of the June holidays . PTC was not bad ! I saw Rashidah . I am so bored rite now . I was having such a headache yest that for the first time , I slept at 8 . I woke up at about 8.30 today . Quite a long sleep . Wad should I talk about ? The first week of June holidays I am quite busy . Kimberley was to leave for China and Perak on the 4th June. She just called me and asked me if her name was still in the a competition which was on the 5th June . She already told Zaheera to cancel her name off the Amazing Race Competition . She just called me to call someone to ask them if her name was still in the competition coz she wanted to change the flight date to 6th. Unfortunately , I cant get them . I am so gonnabe damn bored if she leaves . Then I dunno wad to do . haiz .
Ok .

nothing to talk redy .

bye (:




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